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World Championship Sand Sculpting Official Qualifier

Competition Location & Directions

Sorry, but no dogs are allowed into the sand sculpting site

Media Release - August 21, 2017

Final Results & Data: Quality Foods Sand Sculpting Competition & Exhibition

Parksville Beach Festival Society has much to celebrate as staff and volunteers work hard deconstructing the sand sculpting site at Parksville Community Beach on Monday, August 21. The 2017 Quality Foods Sand Sculpting exhibition featuring the Canada One-Five-O theme was close to beating the previous all-time attendance record. 130,149 visitors were carefully counted over the 5-week period. Despite being slightly under the 2016 total (2% difference), event organizers are delighted by the attendance. "The warm, sunny weather, the appeal of the sculpting and the strong economy have all contributed to such tremendous results", commented Cheryl Dill, President, Parksville Beach Festival Society. "We've noted very positive feedback about the quality of the sculpting from local residents and visitors at the gate and through social media. The affordability of the activities helps to attract so many." says Dill. Additional events included ten free outdoor concerts, an artisan market and for the first time on closing weekend, an evening viewing of the sculptures professionally illuminated with colourful lighting. "We were thrilled with how well the "light up" of the sculptures was received by the public on Saturday evening", said Wendy Sears, Event Manager for Parksville Beach Festival. "It is a wonderful compliment to the Quality Foods Festival of Lights and we are excited to continue with this tradition in the future."

Over the past 5 weeks, visitors had the opportunity to select their favorite sculptures. Over 124,000 votes were recorded. The artists behind the two most popular sculptures will be presented with The People's Choice awards. "These are highly coveted awards amongst the master sculptors in our competition," commented Dill. "While people had many favorites, the winners were very clear and they are all Canadian sculptors, which is wonderful given our theme". The results are below.

People's Choice Awards: (Visitors to the exhibition voted for their favorite sculptures over the 5 week period)

Doubles: Guy-Olivier Deveau, Quebec & Damon Langlois, Victoria; Sculpture Entitled: "Little Iron Horse"
Solo: Peter Vogelaar; Winlaw, BC Sculpture Entitled: "The Last Spike"
Additional Information:

2017 Competition Results

Soloist Results

5th Place: Susanne Ruseler; Utrecht, Netherlands Sculpture Entitled: "Making a Wish"
4th Place: Guy Beauregard; Asbestos, Quebec Sculpture Entitled: "Canadance du Soleil"
3rd Place: Peter Vogelaar; Winlaw, BC Sculpture Entitled: "The Last Spike"
2nd Place: Wilfred Stijger, Netherlands Sculpture Entitled: "150"
1st Place: Leonardo Ugolini; Italy Sculpture Entitled: "Spirits of Canada"
Doubles Results
3rd Place Tie:
-    Marianne Van Den Broek & Daniel Belcher; St. Louis, MO; Sculpture Entitled: "Eau Canada"
-    Guy-Olivier Deveau, Quebec & Damon Langlois, Victoria; Sculpture Entitled: "Little Iron Horse"
2nd Place: Jacinthe Trudel & Jonathan Bouchard, Quebec; Sculpture Entitled: "Oh Canada, we stand on guard for Tree"
1st Place: David Ducharme, Winlaw, BC & Dmitry Klimenko, Russia; Sculpture Entitled: "Canadian Mosaic"
Competitors Choice Awards: (Peer selection)
Soloist: Leonardo Ugolini; Italy Sculpture Entitled: "Spirits of Canada"
Doubles: Marielle Heessels & Hanneke Supply, Rotterdam, Netherlands; Sculpture Entitled: "A Coming Together"

Giving Back to our Community & Social, Environmental and Economic Sustainability

The mandate of the Parksville Beach Festival Society is to not only create fun, family-friendly events along side Parksville's main beach, but also to help the community grow. According to their policies, the Society assigns 25% of their gate proceeds to community projects and philanthropic groups. Contributing to the maintenance and development of the Community Park is also a high priority. Since 1999, the Society has donated $500,000 to non-profit organizations and community projects, which included construction of the park gazebo and community signs. The Society reserves funds annually to help sustain its future events, which can be threatened by such things as inclement weather. For 2017, The Society aims to donate to several not-for-profit organizations which served as gate greeters at the entrance to the sand sculpting site during the public exhibition. The exact donation will be determined once bookkeeping is completed this fall.
Cheryl Dill, President, Parksville Beach Festival Society
dillc1967@gmail.com or info@parksvillebeachfest.ca