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Volunteer Gate Ambassador Group Guidelines

  1. Group must be a not-for-profit organization.

  2. Members volunteering at the sand sculpting entrance must be 18 years or older.

  3. Volunteers should be comfortable standing for 4-hours. If some of your members have trouble standing, the counter position does allow for someone to be seated or you are welcome to schedule replacements throughout your 4-hour shift.

  4. It would be helpful if your volunteers are familiar with Parksville and the surrounding area in order to aid our visitors who are not from the Oceanside area. As well, volunteers should be willing to learn about the Beach Festival Society and our event.

  5. In order to be considered, groups must complete an application form and submit it prior to the March 31, 2020 deadline.

  6. Groups are responsible for filling all of their assigned volunteer shifts from their own membership or from friends/family. The group may break the 4-hour shift into 2-hour increments for the benefit of their volunteers, but there must be SIX people on site at all times during the group's shift. You may bring a 7th optional floater if you wish. Failure to have the required number of volunteers could result in a reduction in the funding to your organization and will impact future consideration for your involvement.

  7. Groups may advertise their organization by wearing apparel that promotes the group and/or by having printed materials on hand on the tables at the Beach Festival entrance. Groups may advertise upcoming events but please refrain from selling event and raffles tickets at the sand sculpting site. Groups will be wearing aprons to signify that they are Beach Festival volunteers.

  8. Once accepted, groups should select one member ("the Captain") who will serve as the liaison for the group and who will be the primary contact with the Beach Festival's Volunteer Coordinator. We will be having a Captain's meeting for orientation and exchange of ideas with the Beach Festival and other volunteer groups. Captains are to ensure their volunteers understand the responsibilities of participation and be the conduit of information between the Beach Festival and their organization.

  9. The money raised is for the enrichment of the greater community, so groups must use their funds for community benefit only. The money is not to be used for any type of administrative, maintenance or office expenses, including salaries, debt reduction or site upgrades.

  10. Each organization will share in a percentage of the gate proceeds from the Sand Sculpting Exhibition based on the number of hours/shifts their volunteers contributed.

  11. There are 3 x 4-hr shifts available per day spread out over 38 days. When applying, groups will be able to select the number of shifts they prefer to help with and the Beach Festival will try to accommodate.

  12. Please note there will be a separate meeting scheduled with the Souvenir Director for those volunteers who will be selling souvenirs. Date and time to be confirmed.

  13. When selecting Gate Ambassadors, the Beach Festival Society assesses the impact/contribution that the volunteer organization has on the community, the ability of the group to follow the above guidelines and a group's past track record volunteering at the sand sculpting entrance.

Volunteer Group Application Form

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Please ensure you read and are familiar with the Information for Volunteer Gate Ambassadors concerning the roles to be filled during the Quality Foods Sand Sculpting Competition & Exhibition. As representatives of our event, you will have a very important role to play.

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Please provide an outline of your organization, including goals & objectives, current projects and past beneficiaries of your work. Please provide as much relevant information as possible, as your application will be assessed on your group's community impact. Please outline how you would use the funds received should you be selected as Ambassadors.
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Identify any dates when your group will not be available to cover a 4-hr shift between July 10th and August 16th:
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The Parksville Beach Festival committee understands that it is difficult for some groups to commit to 8 or 9 shifts throughout the 5 weeks, but we would like to help as many local philanthropic groups as possible. Please indicate if your group would prefer a small (4), medium (6), or large (8) number of shifts.

We would like to help out but our group is small so we would prefer a smaller number of shifts
We feel we can handle 6 shifts throughout the 5 weeks
We can handle as many shifts as the Beach Festival is willing to offer (usually 8)
Please list any other preferences, which we will do our best to accommodate, but cannot guarantee. (This won't impact your group's selection, but will aid us in our scheduling. Once all of the groups have been scheduled it is difficult to make changes to the schedule.)
Guideline Agreement Yes. I have read and understand the Guidelines and am prepared to commit my organization to follow the rules & conditions therein.