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Sorry, but no dogs are allowed into the sand sculpting site

Information for Volunteer Gate Ambassadors

We ask that you please read through the information below concerning the jobs to do while working at the Quality Foods Sand Sculpting Exhibition. As representatives of our event, you will have a very important role to play. The public leaves with the impression you give them, so friendliness and interest in them are paramount, and will determine the future success of the event.


Each shift is 4 hours long. If your group wishes to split the 4 hours into 2 hour allotments, that is acceptable so long as there are 6 volunteers on site at all times. Volunteers may not leave the site until they are replaced by another volunteer from their own group or from the next shift of ambassadors. It is expected that your volunteers will arrive 15 minutes before their shift in order to be brought up to speed on the day's special events.



The volunteer counts the visitors as they enter, using a clicker provided by the Beach Festival. This position has the least contact with visitors. Counting the visitors is important for our statistics and records, but smiles are always in fashion!
Welcomes visitors to the site and thanks them for their donations. The greeter is a visitor’s first contact with us, so a smile and a warm welcome are important.
Hands out the “People’s Choice” tokens and souvenir guides, as well as answering any inquiries that may arise. They too are a first point of contact, especially if it’s a busy time of day, so a smile and a warm welcome are just as important.
Asks people if they enjoyed the exhibition, which sculpture they liked best, where they’re from, etc. Talk to them and say goodbye with a smile. It is important that visitors leave the site with the feeling that they were welcomed. The last volunteer to talk to a visitor is generally the person remembered, so make sure the memory is a good one!.
Will also relieve the Souvenir Sales person and any volunteers who need a short break from their position. Because you will be the relief person for Souvenirs, you will attend a separate meeting held by the Souvenir Director. Date and time to be confirmed.
Responsible for selling souvenirs, taking cash and making change, accepting debit or credit card payment and answering questions about product. Friendliness increases sales so this position needs someone who is comfortable initiating conversation with visitors. The Souvenir Directors will explain product and pricing. Please do not eat in the souvenir tent. Ask someone to relieve you and go to the designated eating tent. You will be required to attend a separate meeting held by the Souvenir Director. Date and time to be confirmed.
Some groups bring an extra person to help replace their members when they need bathroom or snack breaks. This is not mandatory, but may make your shift run more smoothly. When everyone is busy the Floater can wander around the site talking to the public, answering questions about the sand sculptures or encouraging visitors to indicate where they are from on the big map.

Promotional Material:
If you have name tags from your organization, please wear them, otherwise you will be asked to create a name tag from our peel and stick ones. Any printed material from your organization must be approved by the onsite staff prior to it being displayed. Vests will be supplied for the volunteers so that they ‘stand out’.

Take a break as needed but ensure your position is adequately covered. You are welcome to drink coffee, tea and water, but please refrain from eating and smoking at or near the main entrance. The Exhibition is a non-smoking area. Please make every effort to stand while providing your service to the public. If you would like to eat a snack, please do so in the tent where the "Lunch with the Castles" is held. There are tables and chairs, and bottled water is available while it lasts.

Suggested items to bring for your own comfort:
As the Exhibition lasts five weeks, weather and temperature are variable, and changeable, so the following items are recommended:

• Comfortable shoes!!
• Non alcoholic beverages & snacks
• Additional clothing in case of cool or rainy weather – a hat, sweater or jacket
• Items for warm, sunny days – lip balm, sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat if your eyes are light sensitive
• Your group’s name tags and approved brochures
• Your sense of humour and a BIG smile!

Lunch with the Castles:
We will be inviting seniors from Vancouver Island long term care facilities to join us for ‘Lunch with the Castles’. They are provided with a guided tour of the sculptures and a seated lunch or tea. You will be notified if this is happening during your shift. The Seniors’ gate donations are included in their lunch or tea fee. This will usually take place Tuesday through Thursday.

Souvenir Guides:
Please hand these out to our visitors as they come through the gates. We always run out, so please distribute one per family. The souvenir guides contain information about the event and the sculptors. Please read it so you will be able to tell the visitors what you find interesting, and be able to answer common questions.

Dogs, Bicycles and Skateboards:
The sand sculptures need to remain in first class condition for the entire five weeks of the Exhibition, so we cannot allow animals, bikes or skateboards on site. We have no clean-up crew for dogs and the sculptures cannot be rebuilt if damaged, so we must enforce this rule.

We hope you have a Great Time...
And thank you again for volunteering with the Quality Foods Sand Sculpting Competition & Exhibition!