The 2023 Quality Foods Sand Sculpting Competition in Parksville is off to a magnificent start, with strong attendance over a three-day period, July 14-16.  Warm dry weather provided ideal sand sculpting conditions, attracting a record-breaking attendance of 14,411 visitors to witness master sculptors carving sand to the theme of “Wonders of the World”. Competitors were allotted 30 hours to convert 255 yards of sand into astounding sculptures. Parksville Beach Festival Society awarded a total of $51,350 to sculptors Sunday evening with further prizes to be awarded at the end of the exhibition. The results of the competition are below.

Soloist Results:

1st Place: Karen Fralich (Ontario); Sculpture Entitled: “The Great Barrier Reef”

2nd Place: Thomas Koet (Florida); Sculpture Entitled:  “Two Wonders of the World”

3rd Place: Abe Waterman (PEI); Sculpture Entitled:  “Themeless”

4th Place: Peter Vogelaar (Winlaw, BC) Sculpture Entitled: “Age of Wonder”

5th Place:  Damon Langlois (Victoria, BC) Sculpture Entitled:  “Seed”

Doubles Results

1st Place:  Fred Dobbs (Mayne Island, BC) & Ted Siebert(Illinois, USA) Sculpture Entitled: Wonderland

2nd Place: Seveline Beauregard (Quebec) & Joris Kivits Sculpture Entitled: “Love Without Borders”

3rd Place: Sue McGrew (Washington, USA) & Dmitry Klimenko (Russia) Sculpture Entitled: “The King”

 Competitors Choice Awards: (Peer selection)

Soloist:   Thomas Koet (Florida); Sculpture Entitled:  “Two Wonders of the World”

Doubles:  Wilfred Stijger & Edith van de Wetering (Netherlands) Sculpture Entitled: “Dreams”

Sculptures will be on exhibit until Sunday, August 20 at Parksville Community Park. Gates are open from 9:30am-8:30pm daily. Entry by suggested donation of $5. Visitors may vote for their favorite sculpture resulting in the People’s Choice awards announced at the end of the exhibition.  For images and details on other Parksville Beach Festival events in the park, see


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Master sculptors from all around the world apply to participate in Parksville’s annual competition each year.

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