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World Championship Sand Sculpting Official Qualifier

Competition Location & Directions

Sorry, but no dogs are allowed into the sand sculpting site

2020 Sculptor Registration Form

Before completing the application form, applicants should first read the 2020 Sculptor Invitation. This provides an overview of the 2020 competition as well as updates about accommodations, meals, travel and prizes. If you have other questions please don't hesitate to contact us at info@parksvillebeachfest.ca.

Please fill out all sections of the registration form, as this will help us to better evaluate your application.

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Sculptor Invitation

Yes. I have read the 2020 Sculptor Invitation

Sculpting Theme Agreement

This year's sand sculpting theme is "Roaring '20s".
Your sand sculpture should reflect the theme in some way. Please indicate that you will agree to adhere to this year's sculpting theme.

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Application For

Application Type * Solo | Double
If you wish to be considered for both a Solo & Double applicant, please fill out two separate applications.
If you are applying as a Double, please submit only one application and list your partner's name here:

Contact Information

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About You (or Your Partnership)

Number of years you have been sculpting (list for each person)
Which years have you participated in the Parksville competition and what was the name of your sculpture?
What recent competitions have you entered?
What awards have you and/or your partner won?
Where can we view some of the examples of your work(s)?
How did you first get involved with sand sculpting?
Why do you do it?
What do you do the rest of the year when you're not sculpting sand?
Please include a short bio about yourself and/or your partnership and if selected, we will publish this on our website and post it next to your sculpture.
Please list 2 competition organizers (besides the Canadian Open) that would rave about you and your work. Please include their contact info so that we can call or email them!
Your shirt size(s)
Special Dietary Needs?


Travel costs that will be reimbursed include return flights to Vancouver (YVR), gas & ferry, up to a max of $1,800 per sculptor for International travel and $1,000 within North America. Receipts will be required for final reimbursement. Meal costs will not be reimbursed for travel days.
Please list your anticipated travel costs. Your application will be evaluated based on the amount you enter, so please research what it will actually cost to get you here! Our budget will be set based on this amount. If flying internationally and you are able to split your travel cost with other North American competitions, please indicate which competitions you are planning to attend and what portion the Parksville Beach Festival Society will be expected to pay. *