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World Championship Sand Sculpting Official Qualifier

Competition Location & Directions

Sorry, but no dogs are allowed into the sand sculpting site

2019 Competitors

Doubles who will compete in our 2019 competition:

  • Chris Guinto (USA) and Brian Wigelsworth (USA)
  • Dan Belcher (USA) and Guy-Olivier Deveau (Canada)
  • Susanne Ruseler (Netherlands) and David Ducharme (Canada)
  • Wilfred Stijger and Edith van de Wetering (Netherlands)
  • Dmitry Klimenko (Russia) and Sue McGrew (USA)
  • Guy Beauregard and Seveline Beauregard (Canada)
  • Jacinthe Trudel and Jonathan Bouchard (Canada)

Soloists who will compete in the 2019 competition:

  • Brett Stocker (Mexico)
  • Bruce Waugh (Canada)
  • Craig Mutch (Canada)
  • Damon Langlois (Canada)
  • David Kaube (Canada)
  • Enguerrand David (Brussels)
  • Ilya Filimontsev (Russia)
  • Jeff Strong (USA)
  • Karen Jean Fralich (Canada)
  • Marianne van den Broek (USA)
  • Marielle Heessels (Netherlands)
  • Melineige Beauregard (Canada)
  • Peter Vogelaar Winlaw, BC
  • Todd Stephen Pangborn (USA)
  • Yoshiko Matsugi (Japan)