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When are the 2015 fireworks scheduled?

The fireworks are organized and paid for by our local grocer, Quality Foods. The date for 2015 is Sat, Aug 15 at dusk.
When will Art in the Park take place in 2015?
July 18 & 19, 2015. Registration will open in March.
Do we use the beach sand?
No, we can't use the sand that's on our beach for a couple of reasons: First, competitors need sand that is very fine (2mm grain) and it must be free of seaweed, pebbles, bits of shell, etc., to prevent faults in the sculptures. Also, we're right at sea level - and tidal - so if our competitors attempted to dig 10 or 15 yards of sand out of our beach, they'd be neck-deep in water before they even start building. We import the sand from a local supplier who has washed and graded the end product.
How long do the competitors have to finish the competition?
Starting in 2015 we will increase the time limit from 24 to 30 hours - over 4 days - to make it the same as the World Championships.
What are the wires sticking out of the tops of the sculptures?
The wires are inserted to keep birds from landing on the sculptures
What keeps the sculpture together?
This is a good one - we've heard some pretty funny theories about this one - cement!! (wrong), hairspray!! (wrong). The REAL answer is - AFTER (and only after) the sculptures are completed they are sprayed with a diluted mixture of environmentally-friendly white glue (like the glue kids use at school) and water. We spray each sculpture twice a day for the first week after the competition. This builds up a fine crust or coating on the sculptures, allowing them to withstand wind and rain.

In the first place, the sculptures must be constructed properly - lots of packing and pounding make them strong. Nothing but sand and water is used during the building process, and if they aren't built properly, nothing will help keep them together. Wood or plastic forms may be used to gain height, built up on the "wedding cake" principle. Forms are used during the building and pound-up stage and must be removed before the actual sculpting begins.

How much sand do the competitors get?
Each soloist has a 12x15 foot plot and gets 10 yards of sand while Doubles get a 20x20 foot plot and 15 yards of sand. And ALL the sand must be utilized in the creation of their artwork. (No hiding the excess under the carpet!!).
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